Lifestyle Change with God

sell_on_changeWhat is the source of crime and violence? How did crime begin, and why is it perpetuated from generation to generation? Why, after centuries of trying, has mankind been unable to find a solution to the scourge of crime?
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Crime and Personal Safety

Not everything in here might be applicable to your situation. Some advice might seem redundant and not at all fitting your lifestyle. However, your lifestyle is the biggest determining factor in your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

It is a proven fact, your lifestyle and the people you socialize with can and will make you a victim. Sometimes it is far worse; the company you keep and the situations you get yourself into, can and will make you a criminal. The choice is yours. Continue reading

Welcome to the Vine Mission Network


Thank you very much for visiting this blog site !

We hope it will help and assist you in making your life just a little bit safer and more comfortable and help you feeling better prepared and protected.
If we can all work together and help each other just to prevent one criminal act from happening to you, us or our neighbour, then we have already won a victory; a victory against crime and sin and in the same time a victory for better and safer life, more awareness and compassion for each other.
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