Welcome to the Vine Mission Network


Thank you very much for visiting this blog site !

We hope it will help and assist you in making your life just a little bit safer and more comfortable and help you feeling better prepared and protected.
If we can all work together and help each other just to prevent one criminal act from happening to you, us or our neighbour, then we have already won a victory; a victory against crime and sin and in the same time a victory for better and safer life, more awareness and compassion for each other.


This blog is written with your everyday life in mind. No empty idle talk or mere academia, it’s all about common sense, experience and knowing what works to protect yourself.
Crime is on the rise, everywhere – nobody and nowhere is completely safe anymore.
Our belief at the Vine Mission Network is that education in crime awareness and avoidance leads to more personal safety and can lower crime rates.
Becoming a victim is not random, it is largely dependent on your lifestyle choices and behaviour. Criminals choose their victims.
The good news is that 90% of crime is opportunistic and therefore avoidable by simple proven measures and adjustments in your daily activities.
But you need to make a conscious choice for a safe(r) lifestyle. It is not only about what to do and what not to do in your daily actions. Unfortunately the biggest determining factor if you will become a victim or not is the company you keep and the lifestyle you choose; a very scriptural truth.
Start today and look at the potential risks in your choices and start on the path to lasting change.
The Vine – or Victims Network – Mission, is a Christian non profit organisation, focussed on helping victims of crime and their families.

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