Christian Counseling Seminar Series successfully finished

Thank you again to all participants in our 3 months lecture and workshop series for volunteer christian counselors, held in the St. Johns Baptist Church in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

(Pic to follow soon)


Haiti Help

The Vine Mission Network in Trinidad&Tobago and our church, the (Lutheran) Evangelical Protestant Church in SC, USA, help Haiti with collection of food items, first aid and clothing items, matched financial donations and prayer.

We work and cooperate with the Int’l Red Cross and major relief organisations. We firmly believe that helping Haiti is a moral, christian duty and we – not being professionals in disaster relief work – decided to channel all our help and efforts through the professional organisations already on the ground in Haiti.

May God bless and protect all earthquake victims in Haiti and all the many people around the world helping and sharing with them. Amen.