Our vision is simple and straightforward:blurry-sky-cross-300x225

Help and lead people away from crime – both victims and ciminals – to God, by living, teaching and promoting lifestyle change through faith.

Crime is the main concern and fear for many people around the world. We know that crime is a consequence of sin and sin can only be addressed from a moral and spiritual perspective. Even science has proven, that every crime and criminal starts with a wrong moral decision. Nobody is forced into crime. Environment and cicumstances play a role, but it always takes a decision to commit a wrong – with very few excemptions.

A deep and sustainable change in lifestyle and personality can only come from the salvation experience and rebirth as a new person through faith in God and repentance and restitution of  sin.  To change your life you need to want to change it, nothing can force you against your will.  Most prison rehab and reintegration programs suffer from high recidivity rates. very few actually have started lasting change, many with the integration of faith based programs.

Our vision focusses on promoting the way away from crime through seminars, workshops and mentoring programs. We want to build nationwide campaigns and create a sustainable, quick and cost effective system to lower crime rates and make our nations and citizens safer.


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