Partner with Us

God gave us the royal priesthood of ALL believers to fulfill His greatest commandment:

Love God above all and love each other – our neighbours, and spread the good news of the gospel around the world.

We are always happily looking for fellow christians interested in working with us and becoming part of our mission and church.

We especially welcome Caribbean friends and partners. Please join us in our good fight. Our network has individuals and friends with the love of God in their hearts,  NGO’s and non profits, churches and groups, radio stations and pastors.

You can find a short list with some links here.

If you want to know more about ordination in our church, please go visit our churches (EPC/LEPC) website.

We also have a downloadable information package about ordination and new ministers available here.

If you want to know more, please also read our document about expectations for new ministers.

Here is a quick FAQ hopefully answering most of your questions:

Questions Regarding Ministerial Ordination

What is Concordia Theologica? Concordia Theologica is our Bible Institute. Occasionally we will have someone who is called to ministry but has no educational or theological background. We provide this training and ten core courses for 30 credit hours (3 s.h.x10) to help them meet our educational requirements. This is for those who are committed to the LEPC/GCEPC for ministry with us and is given at no charge. We also by agreement with some other faith communities will train their ministers in the same fashion for ministry.

What is Apostolic Succession? Apostolic Succession is the consecration into a valid historic lineage dating back to the early Apostles. This is done by the laying on of hands during our ordination services of Word and Sacrament.

Are you an endorsing agent for Military Chaplaincy? We have all of our paperwork filed with the Department of Defense. We are in process and ready to go when applicants are ready. We have a Bishop of Chaplaincy that handles these matters. Let us know how we can assist you.

Do you ordain women to the ministry? Yes, we do. Scripture has many examples of women in ministry.

I am called to ministry but not to pastoring a church. I would like to start a crisis care ministry. Can you help with this? Yes, we can. We will be happy to talk to you about your ministry plans and vision.

Do you have to plant a church to be a part of the LEPC/GCEPC? No. While we do have those ministers who pastor and plant churches we have a number of other diverse ministries also. We will be happy to talk to you about your ministry plans and vision.

If I am am a minister of the LEPC/GCEPC can I still be involved/participate in other Christian faith community activities such as weddings, ordinations, funerals etc? You are free to attend gatherings, ordinations or any activity you choose keeping in mind the requirements of scripture and civil law. We are one body, one faith, one baptism with one Lord and Father in Heaven as a part of the Church catholic (universal).

How do you keep in touch with one another since you are spread out? We have an online group that all of our ministers subscribe to (no cost) that we use for communication across the community worldwide. We also email, use phone calls, have conference calls and we meet at least once if not several times a year for fellowship.

Do you allow house churches? Yes. We are very interested in the house church movement especially as the economy has shifted. This is very much a New Testament Model.

Do you ordain homosexuals? No. We will not knowingly ordain practicing homosexuals.

What are the backgrounds of your ministers? We have people from Lutheran, Lutheran Brethren, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Episcopalian, Non-denominational, Catholic, Charismatic, Gospel Deliverance, Messianic and other backgrounds. We have a diversity of peoples and ministries. We endeavor to promote “In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty and in all things charity.” We work to promote the unity of the Body of Christ when at all possible.

If I cannot send in or forget to send in my offering will I be penalized? No. We will send out reminders across the community from time to time but we will not “track down” an individual to force them to pay tithes or offerings (we know some religious organizations practice this model) after all these are really between them and the Lord regarding their vows though it comes to the GCEPC/LEPC and we of course welcome it for the running of our budget. If a vow or commitment is made however it should be kept as a matter of practice. Letting us know of any difficulty that a minister could be facing would allow us to try to assist or understand the situation.

How do I begin the process of making application to the LEPC/GCEPC? Our application packets are online at The information that you need is in that packet with instructions. Follow the directions and complete the packet as stated. If you are unable to download the packet please contact us and we will make arrangements to get a packet to you. If you have any questions, please email us at We take every application on an individual basis. Once we have your packet if further clarity is needed we will contact you. Further along in the process a member of our Candidate Selection Committee will contact you.

Our Church/ministry needs an umbrella/oversight because we are not able to stay where we are. Can we transfer as a group to the GCEPC/LEPC? Yes, we make different arrangements in the transfer of units or groups that are already established and have a little different application process. Usually we are able to take the group as a whole but we still require information for each ordained minister in the group/unit for our files and they will come under Minister Expectations. Minister Expectations is the norm and practice for GCEPC/LEPC ministers.

I am in a country where little money is found but I want to be a minister can I still apply for ordination with your Community? Yes. Please do not let money hold you back from sending an application to the GCEPC/LEPC. If you truly have a financial difficulty we will work with you in your application process. We are here to get the gospel out and we will not keep you back from God’s call because of finances. We are here to help.

I have been involved in a church split and my credentials were removed. Does this mean you will not consider my application? We are aware that the Body of Christ is full of schisms of various natures. We are aware that there are some very authoritarian religious communities out there. It will depend on the situation. We take each application individually and consider each circumstance separately. We are interested in the restoration and healing of God’s servants and wounded warriors. If we can help you, we will.

I am non-denominational but I want to be with a faith community. Do I have to be Lutheran to join your Community? We have a unique situation. When our community voted to add “Lutheran” to our name it was for clarity regarding the Evangelical Protestant Church but we kept the caveat that those members who desire to remain and use only “Evangelical Protestant” could do so as even Luther did not want his name placed on a denomination. This practice remains until today. Short answer-you can be Evangelical Protestant and be part of our faith community as long as you agree and adhere with our Statement of Faith and Core Beliefs.

Do I have to wear a clerical collar? You don’t have to but you get to. The collar does make you recognizable as a minister and once you learn the significance spiritually of clerical garments and vestments you may decide that you like using them but it is your choice. Again this is a matter of choice of congregation and ministry or culture and how it assists in getting the gospel out and promoting ministry. Most of our ministers wear collars at some point but it is their choice for the situation. There are some celebratory events where a clerical collar or vestment might be required. A stole is required for ordination as it signifies the Lord’s yoke.


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