imagesWelcome to our new projects, ideas and hopes – we always pray and hope that God guides us, but sometimes human ego and pride are in the way.

God tells us to dream big and rely on Him and Him alone. He also gave us all a brain and a body, not to let it go to waste, but to think and work.

We try as best as we can to serve Him in His vineyard, by serving His people.

Here are our newest projects, ready for your input, advice and help.

– The upcoming November meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Governments and their delegations in Trinidad&Tobago, CHOGM 2009.

– We just completed with the help of our friends from Radio Rizzen in St. Lucia the recording of the audio book version of our “How not to become a victims of crime” personal safety bible, which we use extensively in seminars and trainings. We hope to have it online soon.

– helping our friends from the Gideons to distribute bibles to youth groups and hopefully the CHOGM

– we are now part of the Caribbean Sports Chaplains selection and training board and hope to help to get properly trained chaplains into all major sports clubs in Trinidad&Tobago

– Our new planned crime prevention and personal safety courses, we also have some upcoming rape defence lessons for ladies only

– and last but not least, the info for our upcoming “train the trainer“course is here

– and of course we look forward helping Redzi the Clown with their Gayelle TV show

– also we hope to continue our prison ministry training for the SDA in St. Lucia, and

– our work for the Trinidad Nat’l Youth Council


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