CHOGM 2009


Yes, we got our prayer room set up at the conference hotel – virtually on the last second – and we were there to minister to delegates, staff and volunteers.

God heard all your and our prayers and the Evangelical Protestant Church through the Vine Mission Network was able to spread the good news.

We counselled and ministered to seekers from as far as Nigeria, Sierra Leone, India and of course from Trinidad. Three of our guests found the Lord right then and there – Hallelujah!

Others we prayed for and laid hands on, and the Lord was manifest in our midst with the Holy Spirit working to heal and convert and open eyes.

What a truly wonderful experience to be used by the Lord Almighty in such a fashion, all our participants and supporters in our prayer group and all our intercessors were part of the effort and we felt humbled and wonderfully elated to be able to feel the Lords guidance and fulfill our purposes in His plans.

Yes, Trinidad is back on the map !

This time more than 50 heads of government of commonwealth countries, including the Queen of England, prime ministers from the UK, Australia, India and many others will be welcome in Port-of-Spain, from November 27th. 2009.

It is a huge event, thousands of security forces, delegates, media and guests are in the country. And nobody thought to offer them any chapels for quiet prayer and worship or chaplaincy services in case of “spiritual”and other emergencies.

Something which in most countries is standard, in airports and busy train stations, at events and conferences. And so far our proposal to provide those services has been dumped without reading it seems in the waste basket of supposedly bigger decisions, seems nobody cares for the spiritual welfare of our exalted guests.

Well, politicos here we come again, we are trying and will not (yet) give up. Our friends from the Gideons are helping as well. Wouldn’t it be great for God and Trinidad, if our visitors would be welcomed not only with smiles and overwhelming security, but with genuine care and an offer of peace and rest in a simple chapel at the conference locations? And a free Gideons bible on top of that ?

Please God, help us and guide us to bear fruit in your vineyard.

Our pastor Rev. Ralf will be a delegate again, hoping to learn and share and be able to minister to as many as possible, just like at the OAS heads of governments summit in March this year.


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