New Trainer Course


Thank you to all our participants and co presenters.

We started with 5 attending ministers, pastors and volunteers and are now up to 12 on the 5th session installment.

We started with a christian look at counseling in general, including topics such as ethics in counseling, psychology and the bible, scriptural basics for counseling etc.

We had presentations and workshops about grief counseling, health and healing, domestic violence and partnership issues, addictions and dependencies.

Our brandnew training course for volunteer counselors and trainers.

The provisional curriculum looks like this: (other elements, e.g. chaplaincy, legal issues. etc. will be added)

– Principles of faith based counseling

– Psychology and Faith

– Health and Disease

– Healing with Faith

– What to do and what not to do as a faithbased volunteer counselor

– Listening and learning

– Sharing and witnessing

– Crime and Sin

– How not to become a victim of crime (full course)

We have still 3 spaces available. Please call Rev. Ralf for more details or emails us at


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