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Welcome to the Bible study section of our site.

We tried to put a few of the best online sources for bible courses and research togetherbiblestudy for you and also you will find some of our Concordia Theologica online study courses. The whole set of study courses at Concordia is freely available, including tuition, mentorship, guidance, help and assistance and of course correction and grading, once you are a EPC – Evangelical Protestant Church – partner or pastor.

Here are some great websites to start with:

RBC ministries have a great site, answer all questions about scripture, faith, doctrine, etc. very fast and well – and they have their own christian study courses online, one of the best and largest resources available on the web. Some for payment, some free, please check it out.

Good News is another good resource. Some of their points of doctrine are a bit strict and I really believe in an inclusive christian church, but they have great downloadable booklets for free.

– The Bible Gateway is probably THE source to go to for serious bible study, lots of free commentaries, bible versions, a great look-up engine and links. I use it a lot.

– The online bible gives you some great downloadable bible software and more info is an alternative to the gateway

-There are many more resources available online, enough for you to study a lifetime many times over, get degrees, write a dissertation, get ordained, confused and enlightened, all in the same time. My advice is simple:

NOTHING BEATS READING THE BIBLE YOURSELF, don’t rely on commentaries, websites or tools alone. Read and eat the word, then you are safe and saved.

earthCreation and/or Evolution ?

Few debates over the past years have created so much confusion, misunderstanding, even hate, amongst christians and  many others.

Let me make my point of view very clear at the beginning: We/I believe strongly in the inerrancy of the bible. That means God created us. I also believe strongly that science has not yet and will not be able to explain the creation of life and humans. However, up to a point, I believe in some form of evolution – not the Darwinian all is subject and created through a chain of evolution, driven by the survival of the fittest – but in evolution limited to certain times, niches, species and environments.image6

The creation account of the bible is nothing else but the story of the fabled Big Bang ! read Genesis, 1:1, and you will find all the noise and light you could ever associate with the beginning of the universe.

Science has no inclusive and conclusive theory about the creation of the universe. More and more weird theories, seemingly straight out of a SF movie, are offered: Multiple dimensions and planes of events and existence, multiple universes, strings and “God”particles, and much more. It’s hard to vene keep up to date with all the new theories.

Yet no scientist could ever explain why life started. Please, look at it:

We consist of billions of cells, every tiny microscopic cell, has the equivalent of a huge supercomputer and multiple atomic and subatomic manufacturing facilities built in.  Our DNA contains the blueprint of life, every life and every cell. Complete with assembly instructions, back up and redundancy, alternate designs and functions and true multi tasking. This is why for example a stem cell can become a brain cell, a muscle cell, a bone cell, skin cell, etc.

Its the 21st century and mankind has not yet been able to replicate or copy the properties and functionalities of our cell DNA computers, or our own cellular structure and functions.

Something that complex cannot be a product of coincidence. And it isn’t. If you check some of the links and sources below, you will find many serious scientists, amongst them Richard Hawkings, Darwin himself, and many others, believe in God, the creator.

Yes, many conservative christians probably tend to take the bible too literal and themselves too serious. thats doesnt make for’good communications and mutual respect. sometimes the bible uses allegory and word pictures, not every day in the bible is a 24 hour day.

It makes no sense to dispute clear scientific proven findings, based on interpretation of the bible – think about the catholic church and the idea of the world as the center of the universe – but it also makes no sense for science to invent ever more esoteric concepts to explain what can only be explained by the existence of God.

May be He seeded us, gave us DNA and sentience and soul, and let the rest of evolution be evolution.  Why not ?

God says that His ways are different from ours, we cannot understand with our rational brains what God did, how He did it and why He did it. It’s a mute point. we can only open our hearts and yearn for His enlightening spirit and love. He will and can guide us, and He will save us, if we only belive in Him and the redemptive sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ for us sinners.

Find some more discussions and information here:

– Good stuff at thinkquest, geared towards teaching and learning in a school setting, both sides are presented and discussed with some simple science and some theories

Wikipedia is always great to start with, gives you an overview and good links, solid

All about Creation is a site made by believers, but with lots of info, explanations and discussions, fair and open

– Thats a great new site with tons more about (almost) everything, including the creation debate, here is their info about the Big Bang Theory, wish all critics would read that first ….. thanks

Talkorigins looks at the debate itself, and brings a lot of clarity to a contentious issue


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