Personal Safety/Crime Awareness

vinecrossThank you very much for reading this blog !

We hope it will help and assist you in making your life just a little bit safer and more comfortable and help you feeling better prepared and protected.

If we can all work together and help each other just to prevent one criminal act from happening to you, us or our neighbour, then we have already won a victory; a victory against crime and sin and in the same time a victory for better and safer life, more awareness and compassion for each other.

This book is written with your everyday life in mind. No empty idle talk or mere academia, it’s all about common sense, experience and knowing what works to protect yourself.

Crime is on the rise, everywhere – nobody and nowhere is completely safe anymore.

Our belief at the Vine Mission Network is that education in crime awareness and avoidance leads to more personal safety and can lower crime rates.

Please find the complete book “How not to become a Victim of Crime” – Your personal safety bible right here:




Safe at Home

Safe Travelling

Street Safety

Safe Dating

Safe Online

Safe at Work

Safety for Kids




Crime and Sin


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Dr.Muller for providing this comprehensive teaching on safety. I am sending this email in response to your request for my email address.

    Israel Ikpeka
    EPC Nigeria

  2. Fantastic articles. Will be sharing this with others.
    Personal safety is more important than ever. I also promote a video based self protection program. I will be mentioning this blog on our forum.
    Great work.

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