F – Street Safety


  1. Don’t walk like a victim, walk like a winner – Head up and shoulders square, Walk with purpose, determined and strong, assertive, not aggressive, swing arms,  send the message that you’re calm, aware, and in control.  A passive/fearful walk gives an image of vulnerability and sets you up as the easy target the assailant needs.
  2. Criminals don’t “come out of nowhere.” They are hiding on the same street you are walking on. When out on the street switch on your personal radar. Pay attention to people in your personal safety space and vehicles up to 100 feet from you and assess not only immediate danger, but also the potential for any future danger. It is important to be aware of your surroundings for both potential threats, and for escape routes. Look around and observe what’s going on near and around you. Keep eyes and ears free and aware and look around and be aware of surroundings, assess your options and know what to do if confronted. Have escape routes planned and let everybody around you know that you are aware and alert. Don’t provoke or behave aggressively, but radiate confidence and walk like you belong.
  3. Ideally don’t be alone, walk in groups and watch out for each other (walking with 1 other person reduces crime 70%, 2 people 90%).
  4. When you stand/wait somewhere put your back against a wall/protective spot or keep turning and moving and looking around you.
  5. Make brief eye contact with people and observe, don’t challenge.
  6. Be aware of anyone approaching or closing in on your personal space. Avoid stopping to answer questions, or responding to some comment or innocuous request, this could be a set up for an “interview” and a robbery.
  7. Avoid walking through groups of men or even groups of women or mixed groups that seem rowdy.
  8. The Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

    Psalm 84:11

    Plan your route in advance. Walk in well travelled areas. Avoid bushes, alleys, vacant lots, entryways and short cuts through deserted places. Vary your route home.

  1. Don’t walk and talk on the phone oblivious to your surroundings.
  2. Don’t walk and listen to music with earphones
  3. If you think you are being followed, cross the street, change directions, and keep looking behind you so it is obvious that you are aware. Take note of their appearance or any descriptions you may be able to give to the police. If you are being followed by a car, memorize the license number, run to the nearest business and call the police/friends.
  4. Sometimes just taking notice of strange behaviour and taking notes and making a call as to the police, will deter criminals.
  5. Keep a secure grip on your purse. Do not allow it to dangle. Keep fasteners and zippers closed and any openings close to your body. When you take out your wallet, don’t reveal your money.
  6. Do not allow force or threats to get you into a car. Keep your hands free whenever possible.
  7. If you are waiting outside, stand balanced on both feet. Do not put your hands in your pockets. Be aware of cars that pull up to you or that pass you repeatedly.
  8. My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them.

    Proverbs 1:10 NIV

    If a driver asks directions, do not get close to the car.

  1. Do not accept rides from strangers and NEVER HITCHHIKE.
  2. Wear sensible footwear (can you run? Kick?)
  3. Keep valuables in your front pocket not in loose back pockets.
  4. Don’t wear flashy/expensive jewellery, watches.
  5. Wear your handbag strap over one shoulder only, not crossed, hold your arm/hand over it and keep it closed/zippered.
  6. Keep most important docs/money/cards on you in pocket (front) all the time, not in bag, give up bag when mugged.
  7. Keep out of areas known for crime, dark unlit areas, stay in public view with lots of people around,
  8. Stay away from blind corners and move around corners with enough space to keep others out of your personal safety space and allow you to react/run if confronted.
  9. Watch out for people observing you.
  10. If someone wants to just talk, it could be an attack or “sexual” harassment, just say “I’m meeting someone” and keep on walking, look at person – don’t be taken by surprise, change walking direction, or go into store/public place – call police.
  11. Most robberies/crimes start with an “interview”, where the criminal is assessing you as a potential target, either by coming up and speaking to you under false pretence or observing you for a while from a distance.

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