I – Safe at Work



  1. Know your surroundings and co workers and know where all exits/entries are.
  2. Always let someone know where you will be (lunch, restroom, late for work).
  3. Be discreet. Don’t announce your social life and vacation plans to visitors or callers.
  4. Establish emergency procedures and communication to nearest point of help.
  5. Keep reception counters and accessible areas free of dangerous tools, e.g. scissors, pins etc.
  6. Control access/visitors, always be alert for suspicious or abnormal behaviour, people in the wrong areas including employees, Familiar (Expected) visitors, Unknown (Unexpected) visitors, Messengers, servicepersons, and maintenance workers.
  7. Dangerous Places at work are: where cash is handled, car park, reception, stairwells, elevators, restrooms, and generally after hours/in the dark.
  8. Educate and train your co workers in what you learn from this book and establish an emergency plan and discuss options and potentially dangerous situations with them. Get to know them and find out how they react. The Vine Mission Network can also do a safety workshop at your place of work.

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